exhibition design portfolios

Exhibition design portfolio

Exhibition design portfolios@ You can follow our latest museum exhibition design portfolios on Behance  or visit our media page to read our updates and project development news. Our new exhibition design blog can be explored on madesignstudios.co.uk.          

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exhibition design

Exhibition designer

Please visit my new museum exhibition design site, where you can find lots of information on:  museum design  exhibition design  lighting design  sustainable design  and lots more.       The place to be is  http://www.madesignstudios.co.uk & you can read my latest blog @ http://www.madesignstudios.co.uk/exhibition-design-blog   See you there!    

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eco design consultants

Eco design consultants

Whether designing the interior of a hotel, museum, exhibition or corporate identity it is no longer enough for designers to produce wonderful designs to capture our attention; they have a responsibility to ensure their designs are both eco-friendly and environmentally compliant. Some design consultancies are only just waking up to the idea of repositioning themselves […]

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Top 10 green blogs

Top 10 environmental blogs

There are so many blog devoted to the environment on the internet, the list would be endless indeed. It has become such a fundamental issue of this time. As so many of us I love reading eco blogs and from time to time I even try to chip in some green tips. Little tips big […]

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logo design consultants

Corporate logo design & branding | Frank gets shinny new clothes

Hello 2012! It’s a fresh start to a new year and our creative design studios are once more in full swing. One of our latest graphic design & branding projects is for Frank Europe one of the top 10 museum showcase manufacturers. Frank’s board directors were looking for a creative agency that would deliver a fresh, exciting and […]

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best branding consultants

Branding: It’s not just a quality corporate logo design

Some people or organisations get very confused thinking that their corporate logo design is their branding? However understanding branding is far more than a nice logo design. Branding is finding a solution that gets your market to choose your brand (product or services) over the competition. If you are really clever and can place your […]

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exhibition designers

WWF 50th Anniversary Exhibition & Event

We were delighted when we were approached by World Wildlife Fund to provide exhibition & lighting design consultancy on this prestigious event. It was particularly important for WWF they worked with a design company with environmental & eco-friendly principles & ethos. SMA design’s own eco evolution started over 7 years ago, which leaves our consultancy uniquely […]

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top logo design agency

Qube logo design

Logo design & branding project update: QUBE Our logo design agency was chosen by an established Belgium museum display showcase firm to roll out a new corporate branding package, including logo design, website design and blog. Our creativity, knowledge of the museum and design sector and SEO techniques where instrumental in our appointment over other London-based creative design […]

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Top 10 eco-friendly tips poll: your favorite

A month ago we posted our first ever eco poll and here is your preferred 2012 eco-friendly suggestion eco champion: The winner by a long way is: (drum rolls …) Enjoy a waist free lunch!  Well done to all those who munch and eco lunch, with zero packaging left at the end & thank you […]

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eco poll

Top 10 eco-friendly tips poll

After many eco suggestions and green tips for home & office, I am keen to find out which one do you apply the most? Hopefully more than one, so don’t worry you can pick up to 4 of my selected top 10 eco-friendly suggestions.      Jessica Winter

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