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Lighting Design: The Well-being Factor

I am sure we have all experience the effects working on a computer or entering a supermarket, exhibition or retail space and after a short while you’re not sure why but you start to develop a headache or don’t feel yourself? This is in part due to an over bright space using far too many halogen […]

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Good Museum Lighting Design

Follow me on LinkedIn on a journey to unfold the mysteries of good Lighting design. Topics will include: museum showcase lighting, museum exhibit lighting, lighting design for retail, property development, shopping centres and commercial exhibition design lighting. Topics published: Museum Lighting Design Good Lighting Design 

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Museum Exhibition Wayfinding and Signage

Museum Exhibition Wayfinding and Signage

Museum Wayfinding and Signage company based in London UK. Our creative team develop visitor experiences through effective wayfinding strategies and complete signage. From digital signage mapping, touch screen kiosks, multimedia guides to interactive gallery floor plans, our creative design team captures the essence of leading museum exhibition wayfinding and signage design.  

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Exhibition Design Company: Information + Inspiration

One of London leading museum exhibition design firms providing museum and exhibition design consultancy services nationally and internationally. With a multidisciplinary team of museum exhibition designers we brainstorm contemporary museum design ideas and cutting-edge, sustainable technology displays to create unique museum design concepts that inspire, interact and educate. We deliver award-winning visitor experiences through effective […]

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Museum exhibit design directory (list) services

Our museum exhibition designers offer the following international and comprehensive museum exhibition design services. A list (directory) can be found below. Audience Development Audience Engagement Brand Communication Brand Development Conservation Curatorial Exhibition Graphic Design Exhibition Interior Design Exhibition Stand Design Feasibility Studies Gallery Lighting Heritage Lottery Funding Interactive Display Design Interactive Exhibition Design Interpretation Design […]

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Museum exhibition design

Museum exhibition design company, based in London, providing creative museum exhibitions, touring exhibitions, interactive exhibition design, commercial exhibition stand design, visitor centre design, exhibition lighting, museum lighting, wayfinding, signage, travelling exhibits, exhibition interiors on top of providing graphic exhibition design and exhibition branding.   {contact us}

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2015 design blog

Happy Christmas to all our clients and readers of our new museum exhibition design 2015 blog, which you can visit here: Museum design blog This year has seen our new design blog being launched which has almost double the visitors reading our museum exhibit design & architectural lighting design articles. Do take a look by […]

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Museum design blog

Museum + Design + Exhibitions

Thank you to all whom have started to follow my new exhibition design blog !   See you there :)      

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exhibition design

Exhibition design

Exhibition design company project     For more information: Visit our London exhibition design company Visit our new museum exhibition design blog  

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Exhibition design portfolio

Exhibition design portfolios@ You can follow our latest museum exhibition design portfolios on Behance  or visit our media page to read our updates and project development news. Our new exhibition design blog can be explored on madesignstudios.co.uk.          

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Exhibition designer

Please visit my new museum exhibition design site, where you can find lots of information on:  museum design  exhibition design  lighting design  sustainable design  and lots more.       The place to be is  http://www.madesignstudios.co.uk & you can read my latest blog @ http://www.madesignstudios.co.uk/exhibition-design-blog   See you there!    

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