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Our London based design firm concentrates on working with museums, curators, developers and architects. From lighting ancient Islamic art to award winning museum exhibition designs, we are devoted to deliver engaging projects on time, to budget and to the highest standard (Explore More)

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One of London leading museum exhibition design firms providing museum design  and exhibition design consultancy services nationally and internationally.

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Lighting Design: The Well-being Factor

I am sure we have all experience the effects working on a computer or entering a supermarket, exhibition or retail space and after a short while you’re not sure why but you start to develop a headache or don’t feel yourself?

This is in part due to an over bright space using far too many halogen spot or lighting fittings creating a myriad of twinkling spots which your eyes have to deal with. These halogen lamps are great for making merchandise sparkle but it has also the opposite effect which is to potentially give headaches when over used and of course it uses huge amounts of the valuable energy.

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