Food for thought

Naturally we love museums but our team’s thoughts often buzz during lunchtime (those 45 precious group brain feeding minutes) with this infinite question: How many museums do we really need? Yes, you might think this is a funny question for museum designers to ask but we do wonder if it isn’t better to have fewer museums with enhanced quality and visitor experience than simple saving everything.

In actuality, we do have a museum to cover every tiny speck this world and beyond holds. From the big beloved to the small weird and pretty pointless exhibitions, we are able to visit collections and exhibitions to our hearts content. You might think all we need now is a museum about museums well it seems even that one has already been taken care of. Personally I would love more hands-on museums; the link of simple and fun interactions with an exhibition always makes me want to visit again.

It simply is deep within our human curious nature to turn over every stepping stone, hunting for rewarding answers whilst filling the craving of our empty well of wisdom.

Museums provide us with a spark, they make us feel good, educate, inspire and bring people together.  Most of them are free here in the UK, so maybe the closest possible formula to our infinite question simple is:

Oodles + Quality + Eco = Idyllic.


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