Top 10 tips to become an eco warrior in your office

Small tips – Big difference

  1. Always turn off electrical equipment – even your mobile charger
  2. Reduce paper waste & recycle where possible
  3. Minimize buying disposable goods  (bye bye non degradable plastic bags)
  4. Downhill with the Thermostat (how about that Christmas jumper from Aunty Sue?)
  5. Don’t accept unsolicited mail
  6. Telecommute if you can (saves money & enhances efficiency)
  7. Last in the office? Please turn off the lights
  8. Add a green buddy to your desk (plants like philodendrons are great)
  9. You + Me = Carpool – Carbon Emersion
  10. Think Green: bring your own mug, waste free lunches (it really all makes a difference)


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