Eco design

After the delightful (?) abundance of snow last week I can now blissfully say I am eagerly anticipating a green Christmas.

I am pleased to announce that our lovely eco-friendly office tree is decorated with solar Christmas lights and recycled decorations, picked by yours truly. With several lighting designers critically looking over my shoulder I can confirm the lights are looking “just” right.

These days it is pretty easy to put some eco-friendly design spirit into Christmas and deck the halls with a festive atmosphere whilst keeping the environmental impact low.

As an eco designer my friends and family always try to surprise me with eco-friendly gifts and gadgets but frankly my Christmas wish list doesn’t contain any money-oriented gifts, no matter how green they may be. Sorry but no top 10 eco design wishlist from me.

In sustainable terms we are simple over-consuming without question and somewhere something evidently just has got to give (and I don’t mean presents).

Yes, it is difficult to switch of my eco designer “ethics” but when it comes to Christmas I am just grateful for what I already have and what really matters to me: friends and family (the ones that are thoughtfully picking out those green eco design presents for me).

So with that essential outlook in mind, I would like to wish you all a very happy Christmas from our entire design team.