Become ECO smart & keep it fun @ SMA

Here are a few new tips how to become eco smart. At the SMA studio we like modest eco-friendly ideas one can execute to make a difference.

Our focus is naturally on the eco-friendly design aspect, but let’s be honest we can be smarter than that and incorporate so much more green thinking into our work as designers.

Here is our top 5 of eco smart ideas we like to do for the environment whilst keeping it fun!  Our creative minds have an unbeatable impulse to popping those grey couch potatoes thinking balloons into positive enjoyable and most important fun effective results.

  • Which of us designers can go paperless the longest? This isn’t as easy at it may seem.
  • On projects abroad: whose suitcase is the lightest? Sorry ladies, we loose on that one.
  • Office birthday – funky eco present with recycled scrap wrapping paper is a must.
  • Whose lunch is the greenest? Eco-friendly packaging? Organic delights?  Fair-trade cuisine? The judges are harsh and hungry.
  • Think Green. Designers are creative and inventive, coming up with our own bizarre but helpful eco-friendly design ideas spark a buzz of inspiration and for that the light here in the studio is always on green!

I hope you will have as much fun putting some eco-friendly ideas into your work as we do here, no matter how insignificant they may be, they make a huge combined difference.

Become ECO. Think SMART.


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