Logo design – Aesthetical journey for client and corporate logo designer (Part One).

As a corporate designer I am always excited on first contact with new client looking for a new corporate identity, branding and marketing for their company or organisation.

In most instances they know in their hearts that’s its time to move on and establish a more lasting and instant recognisable presence or brand to capture more market share.

The first thing we need to do is to listen and understand what it is the clients are really trying to achieve with their new corporate design makeover.

Generally if the company has been established for less than ten years their branding will be particularly weak possibly designed or worked up by themselves or a friend when the company first started. It’s not always the case as some young companies will possibly have spawned from or had the backing of a larger more established company. These companies are very different animals who might already have a clear corporate logo or identity of some quality that just needs the establish brand to be evolved.

Take one of the UK’s favorite breakfast cereal packaging, to the customer the box is instantly recognisable and fresh looking. How surprised they are to see how the logo design or branding has changed over the years.

When I discuss smaller organisations existing logo or marketing material I always ask the client what they like and don’t like about what they already have. It is important to go into a lot of detail about their company and goals and what they really expect from their new logo design or corporate identity, branding, marketing and website?

These discussions are essential to allow the design and marketing team to really get under the skin of the organisation. A good relationship must be formed between client, corporate designers and marketing team as we have the future of their company in our hands.

We must at all times guide the client on this tricky road of design and marketing decisions that will see their corporate design, branding and marketing media take on a timeless quality that must last for the next 5 to 7 years.

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