Logo design – Aesthetical journey for client and corporate logo designer (Part two).

The Design Process.

This is the fun part where everything we discussed last time (in part one) is put into the melting pot and aesthetical journey starts to unravel culminating in a world class iconic logo design or brand.

Every corporate design studio or integrated design agency will have their own way to ignite the spark which delivers ideas or thought processes. Let’s start with a client asking for a new corporate identity or logo rather than evolution of an existing logo.

At SMA design we use various methodologies that fit the client’s needs but a favourite of mine is a very simple one where a group of our designers initially come up with their own unique vision in total isolation to their colleagues.

You wouldn’t believe what diversity of designs are created in this way when you consider they are all working around the same client & market information.

My best design work is created in the mornings, trying different ideas, colours and styles until for some unknown reason you get that Eureka moment when you just know that’s the one!

Its then time for a design meeting to compare and sort out the bad from the “I can see where you going with it but it needs finessing” to that ones a keeper or oh yes we have a winner.

So we did the isolation part, now we need team work to gel some of these corporate logo design ideas and branding concepts to develop potentially new hybrid or crossover designs that are truly unique.

Once this has been completed the design team must finalise our designs making sure they work on all kinds of media before the big presentation to the client for their fist reactions.

Not only are we showing potentially their new corporate direction but each design needs to have good reasoning behind the brand and the value & place it in the clients market.

From experience the client never likes the designs that are worked up around what they initially requested us to create. They will just instinctively or with a bit of corporate designer assistances choose something that is probably the complete opposite including colours, fonts pretty much everything.

Make sure you never include a design that you weren’t quite sure about as you know sods law the client will head straight for that one.

So once we are 100% happy with all the designs we present them to the client or clients marketing team to gauge reaction. So far we have never had a client disappointed on a first show, you always hope they will also see or feel that here is that something special or Eureka moment they have been looking for in our designs or branding!

It is important not to show too much to quickly putting the client into design melt down, guiding them to look at each logo design or branding concept for it individual merits without the confusion of the other designs surround it.

Now the mist is clearing and the clients team start to like a design but might like to potentially see it worked up with a different font or colour then you have guessed it that’s the next step.

We then keep completing the finessing until the client is completely satisfied or as with larger companies they will ask for it to be run out across numerous media to check its impact and usability.

If it then gets the thumbs up (HOORAY) our aesthetic journey (well at least the design process) pulls into the station not to stop but just to rest. As we mentioned previously a brand must never stop moving forward and evolving keeping its statement fresh and a place in people’s hearts and minds.

Next time ticking all the right boxes