Reduce Reuse Recycle

To mix things up a little, I am planned to write a new eco conscious tip / idea each week  (or fortnight – depending on time), after which I might do a little poll to see which one is your (ultimate) favourite eco-friendly tip and portray your top 10 of green contributing tips to help reduce carbon footprint.

I’ll provide a range of green tips to use in the office, @ home, on the go and naturally some eco-friendly design ideas will be included also.

So let’s kick off with my número uno eco-friendly tip for this week and I will keep this one very simple. Eco tip 1:


Ok, maybe this eco tip isn’t as straightforward as it sounds really; if you ask me it takes a genuine effort to simplify purchasing habits, lifestyle and waste less as a result.

Abolish impulse buying; think twice about what you buy and the life of your product after you have finished with it. I try to only keep belongings that I truly require and benefit from.

Ok yes I admit I have made some “bad buys” but thinking before buying has become a good eco-friendly habit of mine and it has made me share more, borrow more and look at second-hand stores (It seems I really do love vintage clothing!).

Knowing I contribute in this simple way, makes it easier to resists just another thing I know I really do not need anyway.

So Reroute yourself into: Reduce – Reuse – Recycle.