Go Green – Go Paperless

Hello & welcome back to the museum exhibition blog. As promised here is my second eco-friendly tip to “go green” of this week (one for the office):

Go paperless

This green tip has become a good habit in our design studio. We request catalogues, newsletters and magazines online. Junk mail? No thank you.

Our team also strongly encourages our clients to choose  green and eco-friendly solutions.

We use electronic proofing PDF files for client approval to keep paper out of the design equation until the last moment when final design proof must be seen on the correct media.

When the design goes to print our design team uses environmentally friendly inks, methodology and only use printers with low energy equipment, combined to non toxic or recycled materials and totally chlorine free (TFC) stock makes for a sizable change to the design carbon footprint.

Think before you print!


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2 thoughts on “Go Green – Go Paperless

  1. Is going paperless really going green?
    Computers and electronic displays consume a LOT of resources to be produced, powered and to transmit data between them.

  2. Your question is a good one, and yes it certainly can be debated both ways. Information Technology has vast potential to save the environment with enormous potential to damage it. Pros and cons, to be incorporated maybe in another eco blog? Thank you for the suggestion.

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