Waste-free lunch

So are you all hungry for another green suggestion this week? If so you’re bound to be pleased with my pick for this week (my nr.3 eco-friendly tip). We all look forward to this one, everyday …

Eco tip nr 3 is:

Munch an Eco lunch

Packing a green lunch to work involves more than a few leaves of lettuce and a juicy green apple. It means a waste-free lunch with zero packaging left at the end. I always pack my lunch in a reusable carrier bag (you can buy some really nice print ones these days – eco certainly doesn’t mean boring!). My lovely sandwich (yum yum) is packed in a reusable container and I have my own mug here at the office (Yes! My mug – remember dear colleagues). The kitchen here has cloth napkins and silverware so none of us has a throw-away excuse.

A couple of weeks ago I read some lunch waste fact and they were shocking news to me. Just think in the time you read my little lovely eco top tip, around 45.000 aluminium cans were produced.

Think about it (maybe during your lunch break) => Good taste – No waste.


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