Don’t be a mouse and turn your computer green

This eco-friendly tip is one for each and every one – home & office (yes that includes you also). We are on my eco tip number 4 now and the best thing about this green initiative is; it doesn’t take much effort (hurray) and can make a considerable bearing on reducing negative impact on our environment.  

Small eco ideas, big changes – we love it! Let’s look further into how to:


Green your computer


Your computer already contributes a great deal towards you being eco, for example: You shop online (+ save fuel) and browse online trough catalogues and newspapers (bye bye paper).

So here are my 6 simple steps to turn your PC / Printer green:

  1. Set up your computer to hibernate.
  2. Open the power settings of your computer and set them to optimal energy use.
  3. Utilize refilled ink cartridges and as added bonus safe some money as well
  4. Use recycled paper (or even better go paperless).
  5. Give your computer breathing space – Make sure air can flow freely around; this keeps the fan cooler and uses less energy.
  6. Evidently when not in use turn it off (and I mean really turn it off – not on stand-by): computer, printer scanner etc

Now let’s make the effort in fine tuning your computer to the green side.

Jessica W.






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