Back II Blogging

I hope you all had a lovely summer; I certainly enjoyed my break and being a true eco tourist my free-time was filled some amazing “green” trips including the famous eco museum in Rennes, France (beautiful raw architecture!).

In August I followed a fascinating eco building design course, which I will talk about more in an upcoming blog.

NEWS FLASH :  Our blog is 1 year old


Hooray to blogging and keeping it up, especially when we all are so very busy with various design projects.  I hope you enjoyed the design topics discussed and as always feel free to email myself or our design team with suggestions and comments.

Our visitors flow is going up up and up, much more than we ever expected so thank you all very much for your time and visits through our blog-door!


Some blogs to follow in due course are:

  • More eco fun tips
  • Commercial & architectural lighting design
  • Branding
  • Can’t touch this (part II)


So pop back soon for a new blog full with eco tips. As this is my first day back behind my desk I must now really dash off and commit myself to an endless list of emails and paperwork eagerly waiting for my attention.  It’s time again to dive back into my green mean working routine!