Top 10 eco-friendly tips poll: your favorite

A month ago we posted our first ever eco poll and here is your preferred 2012 eco-friendly suggestion eco champion:

The winner by a long way is: (drum rolls …) Enjoy a waist free lunch!  Well done to all those who munch and eco lunch, with zero packaging left at the end & thank you for your votes.

Soon I`ll be posting a new blog list including my favorite top 25 eco-friendly & green-minded blogs, embracing content & aesthetics. Any eco blog suggestions please do drop me a line so I can include your favorites as well.

Happy eco luncheon to you all.


2 thoughts on “Top 10 eco-friendly tips poll: your favorite

  1. Thank you for your nice comment … I like your current post about the 10 Foot Wide Home – ingeniously put together … a tad 2 small for me though as I love big open minimal spaces.

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