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Interior Design – the benchmark of eco-friendly design

So here is a topic we haven’t discussed really and with a focus on eco-friendly design one I am gladly to address: Interior design.

Interior designs are a balance of aesthetically pleasing styles & spaces which push design boundaries to maximise effect.

I love connection with interior spaces, there are so many different levels and senses that can either sing to you or point you to the nearest exit.

What makes good eco friendly interior design?

Interior designs which are eco friendly should incorporate sustainable materials and the latest energy efficiency measures to minimise impact on the environment, reduce carbon footprint and harmful toxins.

To achieve this it is vital the interior designer sources the most suited eco-friendly materials (furniture, paint, textiles, glass and many others)

All these materials will have some impact to the environment, it is simply impossible to zero this out. However it is important the interior designer creates a well-balanced design between amazing interior spaces in one hand and an environmentally friendly green connection in the other. This creates its own set of challenges that previously just weren’t a consideration in the interior designers’ bible.

Therefore the interior designer should try to source his eco-friendly materials from sustainable sources. Find local & fairly sourced suppliers and installation contractors which will certainly help to lower the impact on the environment. Think Green, Think recycle and please think recycle both ways where possible. Buying from recycled resources through to lifecycle designs.

Green has found a positive place within the interior design world and has clearly made its significance and purpose rise. I see no reason why all interior designs shouldn’t have a green signature on them. The complex interior design formula has many doors that welcome green eco consideration without adding costs.

Within that formula the aim of the interior designer should be to establish a flexible, eco-friendly, artistic, aesthetic and functional environment that optimises space whilst creating individual atmosphere we would love to work, shop, rest or just do our own thing in!

My home interior is my bible but it is also my theme park, my office, my zen-zone and supports my corners of possibilities. My eco-friendly ethos is present behind a minimalist canvas that mirrors how I am between the lines, just the way I like my interior design.