Top 10 eco-friendly tips poll: your favorite

A month ago we posted our first ever eco poll and here is your preferred 2012 eco-friendly suggestion eco champion:

The winner by a long way is: (drum rolls …) Enjoy a waist free lunch!  Well done to all those who munch and eco lunch, with zero packaging left at the end & thank you for your votes.

Soon I`ll be posting a new blog list including my favorite top 25 eco-friendly & green-minded blogs, embracing content & aesthetics. Any eco blog suggestions please do drop me a line so I can include your favorites as well.

Happy eco luncheon to you all.


Top 10 eco-friendly tips poll

After many eco suggestions and green tips for home & office, I am keen to find out which one do you apply the most? Hopefully more than one, so don’t worry you can pick up to 4 of my selected top 10 eco-friendly suggestions.



Jessica Winter

Back II Blogging

I hope you all had a lovely summer; I certainly enjoyed my break and being a true eco tourist my free-time was filled some amazing “green” trips including the famous eco museum in Rennes, France (beautiful raw architecture!).

In August I followed a fascinating eco building design course, which I will talk about more in an upcoming blog.

NEWS FLASH :  Our blog is 1 year old


Hooray to blogging and keeping it up, especially when we all are so very busy with various design projects.  I hope you enjoyed the design topics discussed and as always feel free to email myself or our design team with suggestions and comments.

Our visitors flow is going up up and up, much more than we ever expected so thank you all very much for your time and visits through our blog-door!


Some blogs to follow in due course are:

  • More eco fun tips
  • Commercial & architectural lighting design
  • Branding
  • Can’t touch this (part II)


So pop back soon for a new blog full with eco tips. As this is my first day back behind my desk I must now really dash off and commit myself to an endless list of emails and paperwork eagerly waiting for my attention.  It’s time again to dive back into my green mean working routine!






top 100 green eco talk

I have noticed a great rise of new buzzing eco talk in the studio here, so much so I thought it would be fun to write them down and post them on our blog here. See if you know them all – I bet you don’t (bear in mind we are enormously inventive so I am pretty sure that some of these eco terms are a spur-of-the-moment fabricated designer lingua franca)

Eco – Green and Sustainable have become everyday words mixed into our typical “designer” dialogues. So after taken some straightforward (during lunch-time scribble) notes here is my top 100 eco words we use in our design studio. (My initial idea was to compose a top 25, but I was completely overwhelmed by the amount and regularity of the modern green language we all employ, so it turned out a top 100 in the end).

  1. biomass
  2. carbon footprint
  3. carbon offset
  4. carbon-dioxide impact
  5. chlorine free
  6. climate change
  7. conservation
  8. corporate ethics
  9. DALI
  10. daylighting
  11. design disassembly
  12. dioxins
  13. DIP
  14. eco assessment
  15. eco benchmark
  16. eco blogging
  17. eco chic
  18. eco design | green design
  19. eco development
  20. eco dynamic
  21. eco exhibit
  22. eco freak
  23. eco guru
  24. eco ingredients
  25. eco innovation
  26. eco logo
  27. eco minded
  28. eco minimalism
  29. eco responsible
  30. eco smart
  31. eco technologies
  32. eco value
  33. eco warrior
  34. ecocert
  35. ecological architecture
  36. ecological footprint
  37. ecological housing
  38. ecology
  39. electrosmog
  40. EMS
  41. environmentalism
  42. environmentally compliant
  43. environmentally friendly
  44. E-Waste 
  45. fair trade
  46. fairly sourced
  47. fiber glass
  48. going green
  49. green deco
  50. green initiatives
  51. green living
  52. green museum design
  53. green philosophy
  54. green tech
  55. greenhouse effect
  56. greeny
  57. haute green
  58. house wrap
  59. hydroelectric energy
  60. incandescent lamps
  61. LED
  62. life cycle assessment
  63. life cycle design
  64. life cycle impact
  65. light pollution
  66. low toxins
  67. natural flair
  68. organic
  69. packaging waste
  70. paper free
  71. passive building design
  72. photovoltaic panels
  73. re:modern
  74. recyclability
  75. recycle
  76. Re-define
  77. reduce heat gain
  78. reducing energy
  79. remanufacturing
  80. remodernist
  81. renewable energy
  82. renewable materials
  83. responsibly sourced
  84. reuse
  85. R-value
  86. self-sufficient
  87. self-sustaining
  88. shop green
  89. social impact
  90. solar energy
  91. strategic eco design
  92. sustainable design
  93. sustainable development
  94. sustainable energy
  95. unbleached
  96. urban eco
  97. well-being
  98. wind turbines
  99. windpower
  100. zero waste


Believe it or not, I actually had oodles more written down, but let’s just leave it here for now (I am running out of time). It is rather amazing how much the eco & green keywords have risen in our daily yak.

As for me – I am about to go into a meeting  … let’s see how many eco words I’ll weave into my pitch a bit later. (a rub of green might be needed)

New frame same game

As you might have noticed we decided to put our museum exhibition design blog into a new frame. Naturally with this design make-over we are currently in an “upgrade” stage and we would like to ask you to bear with us whilst we finish putting all the dots on the I’s etc.

We remain blogging in the same way as before with museum design, exhibition design, lighting design and eco design topics. We are planning to expand more on our logo design side of the studio here as those guys have been really busy and we would like to open the door a little wider, inviting in more logo design & branding blog posts.

As always, requests and suggestion are also more than appreciated. Tomorrow I’ll be back with eco tip nr. 3 – it’s a delicious one!


Reduce Reuse Recycle

To mix things up a little, I am planned to write a new eco conscious tip / idea each week  (or fortnight – depending on time), after which I might do a little poll to see which one is your (ultimate) favourite eco-friendly tip and portray your top 10 of green contributing tips to help reduce carbon footprint.

I’ll provide a range of green tips to use in the office, @ home, on the go and naturally some eco-friendly design ideas will be included also.

So let’s kick off with my número uno eco-friendly tip for this week and I will keep this one very simple. Eco tip 1:


Ok, maybe this eco tip isn’t as straightforward as it sounds really; if you ask me it takes a genuine effort to simplify purchasing habits, lifestyle and waste less as a result.

Abolish impulse buying; think twice about what you buy and the life of your product after you have finished with it. I try to only keep belongings that I truly require and benefit from.

Ok yes I admit I have made some “bad buys” but thinking before buying has become a good eco-friendly habit of mine and it has made me share more, borrow more and look at second-hand stores (It seems I really do love vintage clothing!).

Knowing I contribute in this simple way, makes it easier to resists just another thing I know I really do not need anyway.

So Reroute yourself into: Reduce – Reuse – Recycle.


Become ECO smart & keep it fun @ SMA

Here are a few new tips how to become eco smart. At the SMA studio we like modest eco-friendly ideas one can execute to make a difference.

Our focus is naturally on the eco-friendly design aspect, but let’s be honest we can be smarter than that and incorporate so much more green thinking into our work as designers.

Here is our top 5 of eco smart ideas we like to do for the environment whilst keeping it fun!  Our creative minds have an unbeatable impulse to popping those grey couch potatoes thinking balloons into positive enjoyable and most important fun effective results.

  • Which of us designers can go paperless the longest? This isn’t as easy at it may seem.
  • On projects abroad: whose suitcase is the lightest? Sorry ladies, we loose on that one.
  • Office birthday – funky eco present with recycled scrap wrapping paper is a must.
  • Whose lunch is the greenest? Eco-friendly packaging? Organic delights?  Fair-trade cuisine? The judges are harsh and hungry.
  • Think Green. Designers are creative and inventive, coming up with our own bizarre but helpful eco-friendly design ideas spark a buzz of inspiration and for that the light here in the studio is always on green!

I hope you will have as much fun putting some eco-friendly ideas into your work as we do here, no matter how insignificant they may be, they make a huge combined difference.

Become ECO. Think SMART.


Eco design

After the delightful (?) abundance of snow last week I can now blissfully say I am eagerly anticipating a green Christmas.

I am pleased to announce that our lovely eco-friendly office tree is decorated with solar Christmas lights and recycled decorations, picked by yours truly. With several lighting designers critically looking over my shoulder I can confirm the lights are looking “just” right.

These days it is pretty easy to put some eco-friendly design spirit into Christmas and deck the halls with a festive atmosphere whilst keeping the environmental impact low.

As an eco designer my friends and family always try to surprise me with eco-friendly gifts and gadgets but frankly my Christmas wish list doesn’t contain any money-oriented gifts, no matter how green they may be. Sorry but no top 10 eco design wishlist from me.

In sustainable terms we are simple over-consuming without question and somewhere something evidently just has got to give (and I don’t mean presents).

Yes, it is difficult to switch of my eco designer “ethics” but when it comes to Christmas I am just grateful for what I already have and what really matters to me: friends and family (the ones that are thoughtfully picking out those green eco design presents for me).

So with that essential outlook in mind, I would like to wish you all a very happy Christmas from our entire design team.

I smile eco design

I am always first inline to wave my green flag and encourage my eco ethos with considerable passion.

As an eco designer, I feel I have the responsibility to spread the green “eco design” gospel so the awareness of environmental damages continues to grow.

Since I can remember I loved turning old back into new, I grew up with the wise words “Waste not, Want not” and I guess it comes to no great surprise that green is my favourite colour.

Creating museum and exhibition designs that are both beautiful and ethical are designs in perfect form in my book.

I feel eco design should become an everlasting part of our lives and no longer merely a substitute. So much waste can be reused and recycled to reduce carbon footprint.

A little spark can escalate into great things and there is just something about eco design that makes me smile.  Maybe that is because for me, it is the only answer to the green-eyed question:  What can you do?

eco design