Eco design consultants

Whether designing the interior of a hotel, museum, exhibition or corporate identity it is no longer enough for designers to produce wonderful designs to capture our attention; they have a responsibility to ensure their designs are both eco-friendly and environmentally compliant.

Some design consultancies are only just waking up to the idea of repositioning themselves to embrace and deliver these green initiatives.

SMA design’s own eco evolution started over 7 years ago, which leaves our consultancy uniquely positioned to support the client.

Our designers have researched and adopted the most advantageous and principles from around the world into our various designs.

At the same time SMA design has developed our own pioneering eco innovations some of which we have listed below:

Museum exhibition display showcases that use no mains power from the buildings supply to light the internal art objects, this also allows the showcases to be positioned anywhere without the need for clumsy or inconvenient electrical connection points.

Museum & retail design where the visitor flow provides a sustainable energy source which reduces the buildings carbon footprint and running cost.

Exhibition stands designed to use environmentally friendly, responsibly sourced and recycled materials with low toxins. Designs that permit the simple adjustment of the stands construction for reuse rather than being destroyed after each event.

Installation contractors located close to project sites saving dramatically on transport of both materials and people, all of which contribute to a reduced carbon footprint.

Interior designs that use many of the principles above but also ensure products are from responsibly & fairly sourced suppliers.

Eco lighting design solutions that lower power consumption reduce heat gain and UV from light sources, with the added advantage of only having to re-lamp every 7 to 10 years.

From the very beginning our design team listens to the clients’ objectives and puts forward designs which balance energy-saving measures, efficiency, sustainable & renewable technologies with other more conventional methods of delivery.

By adopting simple cost-effective eco-friendly design SMA design are helping to reduce toxins, carbon foot print and energy consumption for many companies, museums, exhibitions and private clients. This method allows us to create beautiful, efficient, healthy spaces to play and work in.

This simple approach provides a “best value” green solution that delivers on client expectation, reduces carbon foot print, saves valuable energy and is therefore kinder to the environment.

Corporate logo design & branding | Frank gets shinny new clothes

Hello 2012!

It’s a fresh start to a new year and our creative design studios are once more in full swing.

One of our latest graphic design & branding projects is for Frank Europe one of the top 10 museum showcase manufacturers.

Frank’s board directors were looking for a creative agency that would deliver a fresh, exciting and instantly recognisable brand.

Our creative design agency was chosen to roll out a full branding package, including new logo design, marketing literature, website design, SEO and corporate guidelines etc.

The Frank brand provides precision engineered museum display showcases to designers, architects, museums, private collectors and those needing a protective display solution with emphasis on flexibility and quality.

SMA wanted to project the truly uniqueness of the product in the branding. By visiting the factory and carrying out extensive research to understanding the market place we were able to fuse essential elements together to realise Franks and our own aspirations.

Designing a simple, fresh and instant recognisable brand was our primary aspiration whilst incorporating 4 key objectives:

  1. The brand name. Represented by the initial F.
  2. The primary service. Symbolising a basic shape of a case whilst the F also provides the profile for their unique product.
  3. Different service options. Corresponds to the different colour scheme.
  4. Slogans:  “uniquely frank” & “frankly better than glass”.

From the out set our corporate graphic designers produced a clear direction including concept logo designs & digital implementation which received instant positive client feedback.

At its first showing at Exponatec Exhibition in Cologne Frank were delighted with the positive response from the museum & heritage world, even their competitors were extremely complimentary about the new corporate branding.

Yes, FRANK were delighted with the end result & (frankly) so were we!

Branding: It’s not just a quality corporate logo design

Some people or organisations get very confused thinking that their corporate logo design is their branding?

However understanding branding is far more than a nice logo design.

Branding is finding a solution that gets your market to choose your brand (product or services) over the competition.

If you are really clever and can place your company product or organisation as the only real provider for this service or product then that’s a great brand and potentially iconic.

Your brand should project a clear message, professionalism, stimulate, inspire and eventually build up a customer loyalty foundation.

So yes a quality logo design is a very important part of the branding and something that your company branding & marketing will use as the driving force behind getting market recognition.

However understanding your market place is key to good branding and any creative agency / branding agency worth their sorts should guide you on this difficult passage that will eventually produce a strong brand.

Believe me there is no quick fix to producing a strong brand it takes plenty of research, hard work and creative flair to deliver a clear communicative solution that people have loyalty towards.

Time is a precise commodity and it never comes again so make sure you choose the right branding company to help you standard out from the crowd!

Next time company slogans or strap lines are they a good or bad marketing tool?

Back II Blogging

I hope you all had a lovely summer; I certainly enjoyed my break and being a true eco tourist my free-time was filled some amazing “green” trips including the famous eco museum in Rennes, France (beautiful raw architecture!).

In August I followed a fascinating eco building design course, which I will talk about more in an upcoming blog.

NEWS FLASH :  Our blog is 1 year old


Hooray to blogging and keeping it up, especially when we all are so very busy with various design projects.  I hope you enjoyed the design topics discussed and as always feel free to email myself or our design team with suggestions and comments.

Our visitors flow is going up up and up, much more than we ever expected so thank you all very much for your time and visits through our blog-door!


Some blogs to follow in due course are:

  • More eco fun tips
  • Commercial & architectural lighting design
  • Branding
  • Can’t touch this (part II)


So pop back soon for a new blog full with eco tips. As this is my first day back behind my desk I must now really dash off and commit myself to an endless list of emails and paperwork eagerly waiting for my attention.  It’s time again to dive back into my green mean working routine!






Ticking all the right corporate logo design boxes (Part three).

What is the secret ingredient that makes a memorable iconic corporate identity / logo design?

In my experience it comes down to a lot of hard but fun research and design work combined to a very good relationship between the client and the corporate design studio or integrated design agency.

What should a potential client looking to refresh their organisation be looking for in a corporate design studio or integrated design agency?

Its very important from the start that the client feels that their organisation / company is in safe hands, after all this change of direction will and should have a considerable impact on how the company is perceived and their margins increased.

Next research is all important with either and established or start up company, what is already in the market and how can you stand out from the rest? Do you follow or do you lead your competitors? What are your goals and expectation of the refresh or new branding?

That in fact brings us on to the bigger picture “branding” it is not only the corporate logo but the whole shooting match that must be considered. No point redesigning your logo and forgetting to have a branding and marketing strategy to support it.

The best iconic corporate logo design or branding will do nothing if not marketed in the correct way. It’s a bit like a super model dressed in expensive designer clothing but standing in a blacked out room, she looks fantastic but no one else can see her!

We will cover branding next time now back to ticking the boxes. This phrase is all important especially when there are so many hurdles or boxes for organisations to tick before a potential project or tender is won.

If your organisations image is already projecting or ticking these boxes the lucrative deal might be just a little close to your grasp.

So it’s defining what your organisation stands for and projecting these in a positive and clear design that is instantly recognisable to your market place.

This process might have to be achieved in several steps or evolutions of the original logo. So for example the full name of the company might initially need to be shown along side an abbreviation. Then in time once the brand has built up market recognition the logo design evolution would be to drop the full name of the company to a simplified iconic logo of initials.

Hopefully you get the idea – that’s it for now next time branding.








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Waste-free lunch

So are you all hungry for another green suggestion this week? If so you’re bound to be pleased with my pick for this week (my nr.3 eco-friendly tip). We all look forward to this one, everyday …

Eco tip nr 3 is:

Munch an Eco lunch

Packing a green lunch to work involves more than a few leaves of lettuce and a juicy green apple. It means a waste-free lunch with zero packaging left at the end. I always pack my lunch in a reusable carrier bag (you can buy some really nice print ones these days – eco certainly doesn’t mean boring!). My lovely sandwich (yum yum) is packed in a reusable container and I have my own mug here at the office (Yes! My mug – remember dear colleagues). The kitchen here has cloth napkins and silverware so none of us has a throw-away excuse.

A couple of weeks ago I read some lunch waste fact and they were shocking news to me. Just think in the time you read my little lovely eco top tip, around 45.000 aluminium cans were produced.

Think about it (maybe during your lunch break) => Good taste – No waste.


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New frame same game

As you might have noticed we decided to put our museum exhibition design blog into a new frame. Naturally with this design make-over we are currently in an “upgrade” stage and we would like to ask you to bear with us whilst we finish putting all the dots on the I’s etc.

We remain blogging in the same way as before with museum design, exhibition design, lighting design and eco design topics. We are planning to expand more on our logo design side of the studio here as those guys have been really busy and we would like to open the door a little wider, inviting in more logo design & branding blog posts.

As always, requests and suggestion are also more than appreciated. Tomorrow I’ll be back with eco tip nr. 3 – it’s a delicious one!


Logo design – Aesthetical journey for client and corporate logo designer (Part One).

As a corporate designer I am always excited on first contact with new client looking for a new corporate identity, branding and marketing for their company or organisation.

In most instances they know in their hearts that’s its time to move on and establish a more lasting and instant recognisable presence or brand to capture more market share.

The first thing we need to do is to listen and understand what it is the clients are really trying to achieve with their new corporate design makeover.

Generally if the company has been established for less than ten years their branding will be particularly weak possibly designed or worked up by themselves or a friend when the company first started. It’s not always the case as some young companies will possibly have spawned from or had the backing of a larger more established company. These companies are very different animals who might already have a clear corporate logo or identity of some quality that just needs the establish brand to be evolved.

Take one of the UK’s favorite breakfast cereal packaging, to the customer the box is instantly recognisable and fresh looking. How surprised they are to see how the logo design or branding has changed over the years.

When I discuss smaller organisations existing logo or marketing material I always ask the client what they like and don’t like about what they already have. It is important to go into a lot of detail about their company and goals and what they really expect from their new logo design or corporate identity, branding, marketing and website?

These discussions are essential to allow the design and marketing team to really get under the skin of the organisation. A good relationship must be formed between client, corporate designers and marketing team as we have the future of their company in our hands.

We must at all times guide the client on this tricky road of design and marketing decisions that will see their corporate design, branding and marketing media take on a timeless quality that must last for the next 5 to 7 years.

Next time the design process


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Become ECO smart & keep it fun @ SMA

Here are a few new tips how to become eco smart. At the SMA studio we like modest eco-friendly ideas one can execute to make a difference.

Our focus is naturally on the eco-friendly design aspect, but let’s be honest we can be smarter than that and incorporate so much more green thinking into our work as designers.

Here is our top 5 of eco smart ideas we like to do for the environment whilst keeping it fun!  Our creative minds have an unbeatable impulse to popping those grey couch potatoes thinking balloons into positive enjoyable and most important fun effective results.

  • Which of us designers can go paperless the longest? This isn’t as easy at it may seem.
  • On projects abroad: whose suitcase is the lightest? Sorry ladies, we loose on that one.
  • Office birthday – funky eco present with recycled scrap wrapping paper is a must.
  • Whose lunch is the greenest? Eco-friendly packaging? Organic delights?  Fair-trade cuisine? The judges are harsh and hungry.
  • Think Green. Designers are creative and inventive, coming up with our own bizarre but helpful eco-friendly design ideas spark a buzz of inspiration and for that the light here in the studio is always on green!

I hope you will have as much fun putting some eco-friendly ideas into your work as we do here, no matter how insignificant they may be, they make a huge combined difference.

Become ECO. Think SMART.