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Lighting Design: The Well-being Factor

I am sure we have all experience the effects working on a computer or entering a supermarket, exhibition or retail space and after a short while you’re not sure why but you start to develop a headache or don’t feel yourself?

This is in part due to an over bright space using far too many halogen spot or lighting fittings creating a myriad of twinkling spots which your eyes have to deal with. These halogen lamps are great for making merchandise sparkle but it has also the opposite effect which is to potentially give headaches when over used and of course it uses huge amounts of the valuable energy.

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Good Museum Lighting Design

Follow me on LinkedIn on a journey to unfold the mysteries of good Lighting design.

Topics will include: museum showcase lighting, museum exhibit lighting, lighting design for retail, property development, shopping centres and commercial exhibition design lighting.

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WWF 50th Anniversary Exhibition & Event

We were delighted when we were approached by World Wildlife Fund to provide exhibition & lighting design consultancy on this prestigious event.

It was particularly important for WWF they worked with a design company with environmental & eco-friendly principles & ethos.

SMA design’s own eco evolution started over 7 years ago, which leaves our consultancy uniquely positioned to support the client.

Our designers have researched and adopted the most advantageous new eco technologies and principles from around the world into our various designs.

At the same time SMA design has developed our own pioneering eco innovations, you can read more about these on our design consultancy website.

It’s good to be green.




Green initiatives

We have been growing our green initiatives seeds & ideas to a new level in the last couple of months. (Yes we have been busy bees)

The teams here always keeps up with the latest eco-technologies, researches and seminars ensuring our projects include the most modern & efficient eco-friendly solutions and are environmentally accommodating.

It takes professional hands to employ this ever-changing green goal alongside producing brilliant designs. (One often forgets whilst looking at the end designs how many  hours of brainstorming, testing of concept designs, layered eco input, energy-saving measures, eye for finishing touches …. + 101 others).

As far a museum design & exhibition design our design consultancy truly has a unique market position to support clients, museums and developers.

Take a look @ our eco design page for more eco-friendly design information:

It’s good to be green,


Lighting design

A revolution in lighting design is finally taking place. It has taken many years for museum people and organisations to realise that the investment in good museum lighting and of course an experienced museum lighting designer really pays dividends.

For example take a mundane object which normally would not get a second look from a museum or exhibition visitor. Then mount that object in a museum display showcase with beautiful lighting and the object is transformed from the ugly duckling into a swan which stops people in their tracks to admire and study.

Now I am not suggesting that museums should promote lesser objects in this way but if good lighting design can do this to an everyday object imagine what good lighting design can do for that special object in a museum collection.

Good lighting design can create drama, define, accentuate and enrich on so many different levels, however museum lighting design or exhibition lighting design must embrace aesthetics, function, flexibility, conservation (care of duty to the object) & energy efficiency. Some of these topics I will be dealing with in more detail spread over various blogs.

Now if you’re not in the museum world you must be wondering what about us in the commercial world, what revolutions are happening there? Well don’t worry I will also be writing blogs which will cover lighting design for retail, property development, shopping centres, commercial exhibition design etc to accompany the museum and exhibition lighting design blogs.

Many museums & galleries both in the UK and internationally are confused by so much conflicting pieces of information on how to achieve good lighting design, including the many various lighting technologies and lighting controls.

I recently visited a museum where a new exhibition had been installed with hi tech lighting controls and lighting fixtures but no way of the museum themselves controlling the system. In addition to this the exhibition didn’t have enough lighting fixtures or lamps of various angles to achieve what the client had been promised.

If any one is old enough to remember the Monty Python sketch for Hi-Fi equipment I would liken it to that scenario, if you haven’t seen it yet I am sure it’s on You-Tube!

If you found this blog interesting then why not join me over the coming months on a journey to unfold the mysteries of good Lighting design.