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Globally renowned creative London design company providing specialist design skills in museum design, exhibition design, independent lighting, visitor experiences and interiors.

We care about detailed design, audience engagement, conservation, and successful project delivery.


Museum Design

Our museum and art gallery designers produce innovative and worldwide museum exhibits.

By meticulously working with diverse departments within a museum, our design team understand the museum design brief effectively. Museum designing just isn’t a job for us, it’s a passion.


Green initiatives

We have been growing our green initiatives seeds & ideas to a new level in the last couple of months. (Yes we have been busy bees)

The teams here always keeps up with the latest eco-technologies, researches and seminars ensuring our projects include the most modern & efficient eco-friendly solutions and are environmentally accommodating.

It takes professional hands to employ this ever-changing green goal alongside producing brilliant designs. (One often forgets whilst looking at the end designs how many  hours of brainstorming, testing of concept designs, layered eco input, energy-saving measures, eye for finishing touches …. + 101 others).

As far a museum design & exhibition design our design consultancy truly has a unique market position to support clients, museums and developers.

Take a look @ our eco design page for more eco-friendly design information:

It’s good to be green,


Heritage Lottery Funding – Museum Design

Due to many contributing factors (Heritage Lottery Funding) HLF application stage passes have become more difficult to achieve. It is those museums or organisations that present their projects well that always achieve positive decisions.

With our 100% success rate with Heritage Lottery Funding applications, SMA design are now offering our well kept secret solution in the form of museum design workshops.

These museum design workshops help museum and organisations to focus on important factors and make sure you tick all the right boxes.

Our museum design workshops are run at your location and so are very flexible, being able to accommodate those interested parties in your organisation and share holders alike.

The outlay for the museum design workshops are affordable and maximises even the smallest of budgets and sometimes can be paid for by the HLF themselves.

These museum workshops are so successful that 40% of our museum workshops capacity for 2011 are already booked.

So if you’re thinking of applying for HLF funding then speak with us first in order to give your application the best possible chance of success!

T:0845 612 1831

Email: museum workshops

100% Heritage Lottery Funding application success


Sometimes a picture says more than a thousand words ….

With core communication and individual interpretation we turn sparks of ideas into successful memorable projects, which has enabled us to maintain our 100% HLF (Heritage Lottery Funding) application record.

Something we are very proud of !

I smile eco design

I am always first inline to wave my green flag and encourage my eco ethos with considerable passion.

As an eco designer, I feel I have the responsibility to spread the green “eco design” gospel so the awareness of environmental damages continues to grow.

Since I can remember I loved turning old back into new, I grew up with the wise words “Waste not, Want not” and I guess it comes to no great surprise that green is my favourite colour.

Creating museum and exhibition designs that are both beautiful and ethical are designs in perfect form in my book.

I feel eco design should become an everlasting part of our lives and no longer merely a substitute. So much waste can be reused and recycled to reduce carbon footprint.

A little spark can escalate into great things and there is just something about eco design that makes me smile.  Maybe that is because for me, it is the only answer to the green-eyed question:  What can you do?

eco design